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Decontaminants, Chemical Neutralization, Oxidizing, Gel

Definition : Oxidizing decontaminants typically consisting of an aqueous solution of an oxidant (e.g., Oxone, peroxymonosulfate) with a gelling agent such as alumina or amorphous (fumed) silica. The gel can be liquified by stirring and then applied using conventional sprayers (e.g., painting sprayers); it will solidify again after application and adhere to surfaces (e.g., walls, ceilings). Gel oxidizing decontaminants transform the chemical agents into nontoxic substances; the oxidizing reaction is also effective in killing bacteria, including spores. They are intended for decontamination from nerve agents of the G series and VX, mustard (HD), and biological agents. These decontaminants usually are nontoxic and noncorrosive and do not damage painted surfaces; they are used mainly for equipment and facility decontamination in civilian settings.

Entry Terms : "Gel Decontaminants" , "Livermore Gel Decontaminants" , "L-Gel 115 Decontaminants" , "L-Gel Decontaminants" , "Peroxymonosulfate Decontaminants"

UMDC code : 20559


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EnviroFoam Technologies Inc

EFT is located in Huntsville, Alabama. In 2000, EFT licensed the Sandia National Laboratories decontamination foam technology and created a product named EasyDECON DF200. EFT is focused on providing chemical and biological decontamination solutions to civilian response teams, first responders, and the US Military.

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