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Sampling Kits, Breast Ductal Cell

Definition : Sampling kits designed to obtain a sample of cells from the breast milk ducts. These kits include an aspirator (usually a transparent port attached to a syringe) to identify the nipple ducts, very thin dilators to facilitate ductal cannulation, a blunt catheter to infuse and collect fluid with the ductal cells, and a vial to collect and transport the cells for cytological analysis in the laboratory (in a manner similar to the way a Pap smear is performed). Breast ductal cell sampling kits are intended for use in healthcare facilities (e.g., hospitals, doctor offices) for obtaining and preparing breast ductal smears of women at high risk for developing breast cancer.

Entry Terms : "Ductal Lavage Kits" , "Breast Ductal Cell Sampling Kits"

UMDC code : 20921


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