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Chisels, Postmortem

Definition : Chisels designed to cut and shape bone during procedures (e.g., autopsy, dissection) performed on the body following death (i.e., postmortem procedures). These chisels are typically a sturdy handheld, manual flat-blade instrument with a cutting edge that is beveled on one side at the distal end and an integral straight or, less frequently, cross handle. Postmortem chisels are used mainly during autopsy and cadaver dissection. Dedicated postmortem chisels are available to break and/or open cadaver skulls.

Entry Terms : "Autopsy Chisels" , "Chisels, Autopsy" , "Post Mortem Instruments" , "Postmortem Instruments" , "Bone Chisels" , "Chisels, Bone" , "Postmortem Chisels"

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