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Scar/Keloid Inhibition Sheets, Silicone Gel/Foam

Definition : Foam sheets with a silicone-gel surface designed to treat dermal wounds, preventing hypertrophic scar tissue and keloids when applied as a wound covering, facilitating uniform compression on the wound edges. These sheets typically consist of a soft, thick (typically about 13 cm/0.5 inch) layer of foam with a slightly adherent covering of silicone gel on the side applied to the wound. Scar/keloid inhibition silicone-gel-foam sheets are usually available in large sizes (e.g., 20 x 30 cm/8 x 12 inch); they are used, typically after surgery, as dressings in patients with dermal wounds, burns, or other wounds. Silicone-gel-foam sheets provide a gentle adherent patient interface and a consistent compression distribution that helps reduce inflammation and edema when compression garments are applied, especially after surgical procedures.

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Biodermis Corp

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Biodermis revolutionized the scar management industry by introducing silicone gel technology to dermatologists and plastic surgeons world-wide.


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MPM Medical Inc

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We challenge ourselves to meet Alcon's mission every day – to preserve, restore and enhance vision worldwide. Alcon employees, around the globe, go a step beyond that mission and dedicate themselves to making Alcon the most respected and trusted eye care company in the world. We know we are earning our position as the first choice in eye care products every day through hard work and dedication – we never take that for granted.

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