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Washer/Sterilizing Units, Cart

Definition : Washer/Sterilizing units designed for automatic or semiautomatic washing (i.e., eliminating dirt and/or stains), removal of organic debris (e.g., blood, fat, bone), and killing all microorganisms including spore-forming bacteria (unless they are present in very high numbers), providing a high level of disinfection that is nearly sterile for surgical instrument and/or other central supply carts. These units typically consist of one or two corrosion-resistant chambers with front (i.e., roll-in/roll-out models) or front-and-back doors that permit pass through of carts (i.e., tunnel type); a control panel, and appropriate pumps, jets (booms) and other accessories needed to perform the washing and sterilizing cycles on the soiled carts. Cart washer/sterilizing units perform a cycle of operations typically including mechanical removal of contaminants by water jets, detergent wash, and germicide application (usually performed using high-pressure booms), and thermal drying. They are used mainly in the central supply area of a healthcare facility. Dedicated units for open-top carts and for bin/shelf-type carts are available.

Entry Terms : "Cart Washer/Sterilizers" , "Cart Sterilizer/Washers"

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BondTech Corp

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Company Type: Parent

STERIS is a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, surgical and critical care technologies, and more.STERIS is the world's pre-eminent infection prevention, decontamination, and surgical and critical care company, with a long list of first-to-market products and industry-leading service innovations and thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. While the corporation was founded as Innovative Medical Technologies in 1985 and renamed STERIS in 1987, our history dates back to 1894 with the founding of American Sterilizer Company, a long-time, global leading innovator of sterilization products.

Tuttnauer USA Co Ltd

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Tuttnauer invests its full energies and resources in one area of expertise – sterilization and infection control. Ever since our early days, in 1925, we have always worked on large-scale joint projects with leading research institutes and universities to deliver tomorrow's technologies.

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