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Burs, Surgical, Nasal

Definition : Surgical burs designed for excavation, incision, or removing of hard tissue (e.g., cartilage) during nasal procedures. These burs typically consist of a shank made of steel or tungsten carbide with a well-differentiated working head in an appropriate size and shape (a rounded end is typical) on the distal end; a tapered, notched, or elongated proximal end to fit into the rotary device; and a neck that connects the shank to the working part. Dedicated nasal surgical burs are available for incision of the nasal septum and/or the ethmoid antrum and also for polishing or cutting nasal cartilage structures. Dedicated nasal burs are used in anterior maxillary osteotomy, plastic surgery (rhinoplasty), and other nasal surgery procedures; they are usually intended for reuse after sterilization, but disposable (single use) devices are available.

Entry Terms : "Nasal Surgery Burs"

UMDC code : 21378


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