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Spinal Disc Diagnostic Systems, Intradiscal Pressure/Volume

Definition : Devices designed to measure and display the intradiscal pressure and volume during a discography procedure. These devices usually consist of a syringe used to inject the contrast medium into the disc to stimulate the nerves to invoke pain; a pressure transducer on the syringe plunger that transfers the data of the pressure to a central unit that control and monitor the fluid delivery pressure and volume; software that calculates the disc pressure and volume; and a display that shows the procedure and/or patient data. Intradiscal pressure/volume spinal disc diagnostic systems are used to facilitate discography procedures on patients, especially for those with chronic back pain.

Entry Terms : "Intradiscal Spine Manometers" , "Spinal Disc Pressure Stimulators" , "Controlled Disc Stimulator" , "Spinal Disc Stimulation Diagnostic Systems" , "Controlled Disc Stimulation Systems" , "Intradiscal Pressure/Volume Measurement Systems" , "Manometers, Spine, Intradiscal"

UMDC code : 24130

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