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Warming Units, Infant Nutritionals

Definition : Warming units intended to heat breast milk, infant formula, and semi-solid infant food, to room or body temperature, prior to feeding them to an infant. Heating is typically accomplished with dry heat or steam heat mechanisms. Typical device designs incorporate a cup or well into which a bottle or bag containing the nutritional (e.g., breast milk, infant formula, infant food) can be placed to be heated, digital displays, automatic shut-off options, etc. These devices may be battery or AC-powered, and are typically reusable.

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Creche Innovations

Company Type: Parent

Creche Innovations is a company dedicated to creating solutions for fragile infants and their caregivers. The term, Creche [krěsh] – (n), describes a group of young gathered together for care and protection; also symbolic of an infant crib, where a child is kept warm and protected.

Gerber Products Co

Company Type: Parent

Gerber Products Company is a purveyor of baby food and baby products. A former American-owned company, Gerber is now a subsidiary of Nestlé, and is currently located in Fremont, Michigan, USA.

Kentec Medical Inc

Company Type: Parent

Kentec is uniquely positioned to respond rapidly to customer needs and market trends. Not only are we privileged to represent some of the leading manufacturers in the healthcare industry, but we have developed our own line of branded products under the Ameritus label.


Company Type: Parent

1-4 of 4 Match(es).


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