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Ophthalmic Tonometers, Indentation

Definition : Ophthalmic tonometers designed to determine intraocular pressure by measuring the corneal indentation produced by a known weight. These instruments are typically handheld and reusable (known also as Schiotz tonometers); they have a main body consisting of a cylinder hollow barrel with a movable plunger fixed to a measuring scale that includes an indicator pointer (i.e., needle), a weight screwed in the proximal end of the plunger opposite to the working end, and a handle. When the force produced by the attached weight pressed to the cornea produces a small indentation, the corneal resistance (that is proportional to the intraocular pressure) displaces the plunger upward within the barrel, deflecting the pointer on the measuring scale. Indentation ophthalmic tonometers are intended mainly for assessing ocular hypertension (intraocular pressure between 10 and 24 mm Hg is considered normal), usually to screen patients for glaucoma.

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1-5 of 5 Match(es).


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