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Dressings, Nonimpregnated, Combined, Composite

Definition : Dressings that combine two or more components that each have a different function. These devices usually consist of several layers of distinct components including bacterail barrier or without an adhesive border; a layer intended to absorb wound exudates made of materials other than alginate, foam, hydrocolloid, or hydrogel; a layer for wound contact that may or may not be adhesive. Composite dressings are used in the management of complex wounds, such as insituations that require wound exudate absorption, maintainance of a moist wound environment, and prevention of contact with bacteria. They usually consist of a bacterial barrier with or without an adhesive border, an absorptive layer other than an alginate, foam, hydrocolloid, or hydrogel, and a semi-adherent or non-adherent layer for wound contact. Composite dressings are used in the management of wounds.

Entry Terms : "Composite Dressings, Nonimpregnated"

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