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Orthoses, Elbow, Brace, Myoelectric

Definition : Brace elbow orthoses designed to operate by stimulation from the patient's biological electric signals (i.e., myoelectric controlled). These devices typically consist of wearable braces (orthoses) that are actuated by the electrical activity (i.e., electromyographic signal) from the muscles triggered by attempted movement; sensors (e.g., skin electrodes) that detect the biological electric signals from the skin; and automated (robotic) devices with very small electric motors that provide actual motion to the upper limbs. Myoelectric elbow brace orthoses are intended to facilitate patient training guided by a physical therapist for rehabilitation and control of weak muscles in the upper limbs caused by physical accidents and/or illness (e.g., after stroke).

Entry Terms : "Brace Orthoses, Myoelectric" , "Robotic Elbow Braces" , "Elbow Brace Myoelectric Orthoses" , "Arm Brace Myoelectric Orthoses" , "Myoelectric Orthoses"

UMDC code : 24884


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Myomo Inc

Myomo, Inc. is a medical technology company leading the way in extending Myoelectric Prosthetic Technology to powered bracing devices that restore an individual's mobility. The Myomo technology was originally developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in collaboration with medical experts affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

Shanghai Kesheng Prostheses Co Ltd

Shanghai Kesheng Prostheses Co Ltd

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