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Eyeglasses, Nystagmus Test, Video

Definition : Eyeglasses designed to observe eye movement on a video monitor. These devices typically consist of eyeglass lenses that magnify and illuminate the eyes while minimizing fixation during the examination (known as Frenzel lenses); the lenses may be hinged to so they can be folded out of the line of vision. One or two infrared video cameras are attached to the eyeglasses; the eyeglasses also include a head strap for secure fixation, batteries, and a lamp to provide internal spectacle illumination. Video nystagmus test eyeglasses are used to evaluate for pathologic nystagmus vestibulo-cochlear nerve and to determine whether ear nerve damage may be the cause of dizziness or vertigo. These glasses are usually a component of videonystagmographs.

Entry Terms : "Eyeglasses, Videonystagmograph" , "Infrared Camera Nystagmus Test Eyeglasses"

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Micromedical is the recognized leader in vestibular and balance testing instrumentation with 25 years of experience.

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