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Bronchoscopes, Flexible, Video, Image-Guided, Extended-Reach

Definition : Flexible bronchoscopes with video capabilities designed to reach deep into the lungs near the pleura and adjacent (carinal and mediastinal) lymph nodes. These devices consist of a flexible video bronchoscope that includes a disposable steerable guide with a location sensor at its distal tip and a disposable catheter that extends the reach of the working channel. The bronchoscope typically works using electromagnetic guidance (i.e., navigation) provided by previous images from a CT scan. The bronchoscope also includes a computerized central unit with a display showing real time images and dedicated software that permits electromagnetic tracking and guiding of the guide tip and /or planning of the procedures to be performed. A set of dedicated disposable tools (e.g., forceps, brushes) intended for use with the instrument through the extended working channel are also available. Extended-reach peripheral lung flexible video bronchoscopes are intended for diagnosis and biopsy of peripheral lung lesions, accurate localization of lymph nodes, and marking of tumors to guide external radiation and/or brachytherapy procedures.

Entry Terms : "Navigation Bronchoscopes" , "Peripheral Lung Image-Guided Video Bronchoscopes" , "Extended-Reach Image Guided Video Bronchoscopes" , "Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy Systems" , "ENB (Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopes)" , "Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopes" , "Stereotactic Systems, Image Guided, Bronchoscope"

UMDC code : 25706


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