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Aspirator/Irrigators, Colon

Definition : Aspirators/irrigators designed for automated or semiautomated irrigation, washing, and evacuation of debris from the colon and other segments of the large intestines from the rectum to the cecum. These devices typically consist of a main electromechanical unit that includes a pump for infusion of nonmedicated liquids (e.g., saline), an extractor (frequently using vacuum), and controls for the temperature and the rate of infusion (e.g., using a nozzle) and withdrawal of the liquid; the units are coupled to dedicated handpieces and/or to disposable catheters that are introduced through the rectum. Colon lavage units are used to remove damaged tissue and/or debris (e.g., feces, foreign objects) in emergency departments; they are also used for cleaning and evacuation of the large intestine before or during particular (e.g., endoscopic, surgical) procedures.

Entry Terms : "Lavage Units, Colonic" , "Colon Aspirator/Irrigators"

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PIE* Medical International is providing an alternative to the high frequency of emergencies and hospitalizations for bowel dysfunction.

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