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Software, Computed Tomography/Positron Emission Tomography

Definition : Software designed to operate equipment that combines computed tomography (CT) scanning and positron emission tomography (PET) systems in a single combined system, providing control/monitor of a limited number of their functions. This software is usually intended to work only with one or a few models of the combined scanning systems, usually supplied by the same manufacturer. The software performs a variety of algorithms to facilitate the analysis of measurements performed during the scanning procedures. The software usually provides fusion (i.e., integration) of anatomic images provided by CT slices and the functional (metabolic) images from PET scans taken in the same session with the patient in treatment position. CT/PET scanning system software is usually not available separate from the combined system but may be updated (i.e., through the release of modified versions) during the life of the system. Dedicated CT/PET scanning system software is intended to facilitate faster and more accurate evaluation than separate CT and PET systems can provide; they are mostly used for the diagnosis, treatment planning, and evaluation of therapy in cancer patients, characterizing the disease by both its anatomic and biological features.

Entry Terms : "Computed/Positron Emission Tomography Combined Software" , "CT/PET Combined Software" , "PET Scanning System Software" , "Positron Emission Tomography Software"

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