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Ophthalmic Implant Inserters, Flexible Ring

Definition : Hand-held syringe-type inserters with a plunger and a hook used for loading and inserting ophthalmic ring implants. Depressing the plunger releases a hook on the other end of the syringe. The hook attaches to a small loop on one end of the implant and then the plunger is released which pulls the implant into the barrel of the inserter. When the inserter is held up to the eye and the plunger is depressed, the ring implant is slowly released into the eye and can be adjusted to the correct position. Both reusable and single-use inserters are available and some single-use inserters are available with the implant pre-loaded.

Entry Terms : "Ophthalmic Ring Implant Injectors" , "Ophthalmic Implant Inserters" , "Ophthalmic Ring Implant Inserters"

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FCI Ophthalmics

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