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Electrical Impedance Meters

Definition : Measuring instruments designed to measure the electric impedance, a measure of a substance opposition to conducting alternating current at a given frequency when a voltage is applied. This parameter is a complex quantity, represented by a vector in a plane, abbreviated as an upper case Z and measured in ohms. Impedance meters typically consist of electronic instruments with appropriate leads and a display; practical instruments may display the impedance as two values, either as components of a rectangular-coordinate system with a real part (i.e., the resistance R) and an "imaginary" quantity (i.e., the reactance), or in polar form as a magnitude |Z| and phase angle. Dedicated impedance meters are used to measure solid material and/or liquids; some are incorporated in testers used in the inspection and/or maintenance of medical devices and other healthcare facility equipment. Some instruments are also capable of direct measurement of the admittance (Y), the inverse of impedance and its components conductance (G) and susceptance (B).

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