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Periodontal Regeneration Membrane Implants, Absorbable

Definition : Absorbable periodontal regeneration membrane implants are thin flexible sheets intended to facilitate both bone and tissue regeneration. They are implanted during periodontal surgeries such as guide bone regeneration (GBR) or guided tissue regeneration (GTR). These implants, available in various shapes and sizes, are usually small flexible sheets with two or three different layers and can be made from several different bioabsorbable materials including calcium sulfate, polylactic acid, polylactate/polygalactide copolymers, and collagen. On one side of the implant is a barrier with either no openings or tightly spaced small openings. On the other side of the implant is a matrix with a woven or mesh-like appearance consisting of multiple large openings. The barrier side of the implant is placed toward the teeth and the matrix side is placed toward the gums. Gingival tissue grows faster than bone; by creating a space between the teeth and the gums, the barriers allow time for bones to regrow and prevent the gums from filling up all the space. At the same time, the openings in the matrices allow gingival tissue to continue growing so permanent gaps between teeth and gums are not created. The implants are left in place after GBR, GTR, or other periodontal surgery, usually maintaining their structure for several months, and are usually completely absorbed by the body within two years.

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